Beata Bochińska
I am a design historian by education and a design collector by passion. For years I’ve been following and creating design trends – as longstanding president of the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw, design critic and lecturer – collaborating with biggest companies and best designers. My newest project is a collectors’ guidebook “Start to love design”.
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You've liked workshops in Empik so much that we had to organise more. We are staring at 01.04 in Poznań, then Wrocław and Warsaw once more. Meetings will be free, but you need to book a place first ;)


Beco­me friends with trends and rece­ive a por­tion of fre­sh desi­gn news eve­ry two weeks!
Knowing and seeing! That’s what I like to share.
Why do we change to bikes? What colour will be accepted by the street and why is grey the new green? Is re-use a fashion or a constant trend? I want to help you understand how to use design for building a healthy, good and responsible business. Let’s start the cooperation!
The book
„At times, the publication resembles best exhibition of Polish applied art - one we dream of”
Collecting can be an interesting hobby, a way to make money and work and even a substantive, highly profitable investment – this book will surely help you understand which is best for you. Collecting is an extreme sport - it`s better to both see and know.
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Collection kolekcja
The collection consists of design classics: furniture, porcelain and ceramics
Here you can find and buy well designed, beautiful objects that I’ve divided into three categories: 1 euro design, design classics and bbo design.
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I’m happy to choose and prepare a collection for your friends and family.
All objects will be stylish, interesting and unusually arranged. Safe delivery. Original gift with safe delivery.
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I want to help you find and buy beautiful objects for your collection.
Finally we’ve began to appreciate rarities from ages past, just like Swedes or Italians.
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