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Catalog, you fool!

Any­one can col­lect! Well, almo­st. Cata­lo­ging is only for the masters of patien­ce, not for an ‘aggres­si­ve mouse’… Today I’ll tell you abo­ut why it is wor­th to cata­log and how to do it witho­ut fal­ling into the autumn melan­cho­lia… If some­one does not play smart they feel ill. In my [...]

Fantastic Szczecin!

This time the post will be abo­ut how reading com­pre­hen­sion and asking one sim­ple question can give extre­me­ly effec­ti­ve results. And it was so: a mes­sa­ge fell into my ema­il box. The mes­sa­ge was from the nice­st Paweł, a stran­ger of cour­se, that told me he owns a wall unit by [...]