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I am going for a meeting!

It has all star­ted in War­saw, now it’s time for Poznań, Wro­cław, War­saw aga­in and who knows whe­re else? In Empik’s salons, as in the old days, in the atmo­sphe­re of an intel­li­gen­ce discus­sion, I have a chan­ce to meet hun­dreds of people with simi­lar inte­re­sts. Oh, [...]

Incredible museum of design in New York!

Main and com­mon­ly known 5th Ave­nue in New York. It’s here that the most impor­tant museums are loca­ted, impos­si­ble to be mis­sed whi­le strol­ling. The back of The Metro­po­li­tan Museum of Art (known as MET) touches the gre­en lungs of the city – Cen­tral Park. With its neo­c­las­si­cal [...]

Two weeks in a life of a collector

Wat­ching and exa­mi­ning the mega­trends that sur­ro­und us are parts of my eve­ry­day routi­ne. Then I fore­ca­st sty­li­st trends of new­ly cre­ated pro­ducts – as pre­ci­se as possi­ble. That’s my job and I like that. Very much. I can see for­th­co­ming chan­ges and bear in mind the­ir [...]