bbo Blog Two weeks in a life of a collector
By  Beata Bochińska

Two weeks in a life of a collector

Wat­ching and exa­mi­ning the mega­trends that sur­ro­und us are parts of my eve­ry­day routi­ne. Then I fore­ca­st sty­li­st trends of new­ly cre­ated pro­ducts – as pre­ci­se as possi­ble. That’s my job and I like that. Very much. I can see for­th­co­ming chan­ges and bear in mind the­ir impact on our lives. In this con­te­xt I know that con­tact with a real per­son beco­mes a good not only sear­ched for, but also more and more exc­lu­si­ve. Such times. And I think there’s no point in whi­ning – we just have to appre­cia­te and cele­bra­te tho­se rare moments. That’s it.

Meeting No. 1 – Lublin. Master Class work­shop in Warsz­ta­ty Kul­tu­ry

My fir­st meeting with ali­ve, smi­ling, wil­ling and hun­gry for know­led­ge people took pla­ce in Lublin. The Old Town was fan­ta­stic, the loca­tion was dre­amy and the con­duc­tor was wil­ling and tal­ka­ti­ve … Inste­ad of 2,5 hours I stay­ed the­re for 4,5 … yes, I was exhau­sted. But it was bril­liant and inte­re­sting. My bene­fit for sure, I just hope the par­ti­ci­pants’ as well J

The work­shop was exact: how to descri­be, measu­re (it was not that easy!), how not to pho­to­gra­ph and how to cata­lo­gue. And abo­ve all – the main task – cre­ating a plan for your own col­lec­tion. Yes, the dif­fe­ren­ce betwe­en col­lec­ting and having a col­lec­tion is very spe­ci­fic and it is wor­th wri­ting it down! The par­ti­ci­pants came from aro­und Lublin and … War­saw. Lawy­er, finan­ciers, socio­lo­gi­sts, cul­tu­re ani­ma­tors, peda­go­gu­es and busy mothers … ama­zing mix. Oh yes, a dre­am team!

After the work­shop the­re was an author meeting. The venue was bur­sting in the seams. Readers sat on the sta­irs and whe­re­ver it was possi­ble to sit. Conver­sa­tions were gre­at. Abo­ut objects, pas­sions, people and, final­ly, the ple­asu­re of being toge­ther in a gro­up of people who feel like hun­ting, sear­ching and sur­ro­un­ding them­se­lves by rari­ties found in most une­xpec­ted pla­ces. My accu­mu­la­tor was char­ged with ener­gy for mon­ths. I feel like doing aga­in. Much! Many thanks to my readers and work­shop par­ti­ci­pants: for the­ir time, enthu­sia­sm and desi­res. Remem­ber – have your eyes in the back of your heads and may the ROI algo­ri­thm be with you :)

Here’s more. lublin2Fot. Mar­cin Butryn

Meeting No. 2 – War­saw.  Auc­tion of Desi­gn Clas­sics during Tar­gi Rze­czy Ład­ny­ch.

A fine fren­zy. My debut in the role of an auc­tio­ne­er (some say a gre­at stand up 😛 ). Desi­gn Clas­sics cho­sen from the offer of co-orga­ni­zers, Paty­na vin­ta­ge show­ro­om. I’d buy a half myself but I couldn’t as I was the­re to sell – and I was soaked up!! Beau­ti­ful maho­ga­ny table with black fra­me and black glass war­med the auc­tion up. The auc­tion lol­lies raced up and I tried to count in memo­ry (well, I did have a lit­tle tro­uble with that …). It was bought by a smart woman who did not let the man of the hook – and it must be said, the man was deter­mi­ned. The auc­tion had two pur­po­ses: apart from the obvio­us sel­ling and dona­ting some of the gain to an ani­mal shel­ter the­re was ano­ther one – dra­wing public’s atten­tion to the fact that objects from ages past are not only fashio­na­ble deco­ra­tions but also impor­tant col­lec­ti­ble items that would never aga­in be cre­ated in such forms as tho­se fac­to­ries and often desi­gners are no lon­ger with us. It is wor­th pro­tec­ting tho­se objects, che­ri­sh them and enjoy the­ir beau­ty. The­ir pri­ces in Poland are still very low and the par­ti­ci­pants came to the auc­tion not to buy some­thing as a bar­ga­in but to show that our desi­gn is impor­tant for them – the same as other inte­re­sting goods that we spend gre­at money on eve­ry­day! We work hard, earn and can spend the money in dif­fe­rent ways – one of them is bid­ding the clas­sics of Poli­sh desi­gn. I am very hap­py becau­se that’s what’s it all is abo­ut – under­stan­ding what sur­ro­unds us and arming our eyes so that we not only wat­ch but also see and assess the value – both mate­rial and arti­stic! And that seems to be wor­king bet­ter and bet­ter. I am hap­py to have con­tri­bu­ted to that.

More abo­ut the auc­tion here.wawaFot. bbo

Meeting No. 3 – Cra­cow. Author’s meeting during the „Book and rose” Festi­val.

I was sedu­ced by Cra­cow. A balm to my heart. But one after ano­ther: fir­st the orga­ni­zers and the buil­ding. Beau­ti­ful con­tem­po­ra­ry archi­tec­tu­re by Ingar­den stu­dio. Modern, bold and beau­ti­ful – the buil­ding accom­mo­da­tes the Juliu­sz Sło­wac­ki The­atre and the Arte­te­ka, an depart­ment of Voivod­ship Public Libra­ry. The orga­ni­sing ladies were skil­ful, pro­fes­sio­nal and very nice. And with that came a com­ple­te sur­pri­se: the Mar­shal of the Les­ser Poland Voivod­ship deci­ded to pre­sent all his coun­cil­lors with my book! Do you know what that means? 60 people that make deci­sions in our behalf will have the chan­ce to read a book abo­ut desi­gn in Poland! Well, that’s some­thing.

The meeting in the libra­ry gathe­red all inte­re­sted: col­lec­tors, FB acti­vi­sts, desi­gn stu­dents (and the­ir moms J ), media, archi­tects and enthu­sia­sts of vin­ta­ge desi­gn. We have mana­ged some very inte­re­sting conver­sa­tions, questions and other affa­irs during the meeting and just after. Many people asked for the oppor­tu­ni­ty to par­ti­ci­pa­te in my work­shop … and here the good news – a spon­sor was found and such work­shop will take pla­ce for sure. This year.

You can see a recor­ding of the meeting becau­se it was emit­ted and the­re was the possi­bi­li­ty to par­ti­ci­pa­te remo­te­ly. And I came back home with … a bouqu­et of 15 roses – oh yes, just like an ope­ra diva :)

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I’ve tra­vel­led aro­und Poland in two weeks only to … go out for two days just after and con­duct a work­shop on trends or what will be in the futu­re. And you know what? If one under­stands what hap­pe­ned befo­re it is much easier to pre­pa­re for what will come soon. Per­spec­ti­ve – that’s what a col­lec­tor gra­sps if they know how to see, inter­pret and value. And then it is easier – the col­lec­tor doesn’t have to turn the­ir nose up and get offen­ded – they sim­ply wat­ch the colo­ur­ful and inte­re­sting world.

I am going to hide in War­mia now, becau­se you know – such pace is a lit­tle too much for a lady aged 5.0 (even if her accu­mu­la­tors are char­ged by such enthu­sia­sts as YOU ARE).