bbo Blog Fantastic Szczecin!
By  Beata Bochińska

Fantastic Szczecin!

This time the post will be abo­ut how reading com­pre­hen­sion and asking one sim­ple question can give extre­me­ly effec­ti­ve results.

And it was so: a mes­sa­ge fell into my ema­il box. The mes­sa­ge was from the nice­st Paweł, a stran­ger of cour­se, that told me he owns a wall unit by Raj­mund Hałas, pain­ted blue and gray, more­over in good, not ide­al con­di­tion and may­be I’ll be inte­re­sted in having ano­ther one, as he knows I alre­ady have one… from the cover of my book.

Ah! Sne­aky. Not only has he fla­shed me with ano­ther colo­ur on the pho­to he sent, but also tos­sed in, inci­den­tal­ly, that he knows the book… Stro­ke my ego, lured and… star­ted my known nego­tia­ting skill. No, it was not abo­ut the pri­ce, as we’ve set­tled on it imme­dia­te­ly, but how to expla­in to the fami­ly, in the holi­day period!, that we have to buy ano­ther fur­ni­tu­re by Raj­mund H., at once, just now and gene­ral­ly.

FullSizeRender (2)

I’ve divi­ded the task to smal­ler ones. You know, an ele­phant has to be eaten in por­tions… :)

So, how to per­su­ade Jarek (the belo­ved hus­band) that he has to: agree to buy a second pie­ce of fur­ni­tu­re we alre­ady have, go with me to Szcze­cin to col­lect the pie­ce – on a week­end, when the chil­dren are on holi­day, and we’re final­ly free…

My stra­te­gy was sim­ple. We have to move some fur­ni­tu­re out of the house (but whe­re??) and then per­su­ade him that this Hałas is basi­cal­ly ano­ther Hałas than the one we own. Then I had to find a marvel­lo­us reason to see a city far away on the seasi­de and expla­in that in such a jour­ney I can only go with a skil­led dri­ver on a cosy week­end date :)

And here came an oppor­tu­ni­ty. Befrien­ded inte­rac­ti­ve agen­cy has recen­tly ren­ted a beau­ti­ful moder­ni­st vil­la desi­gned by Lachert on Żoli­bo­rz, War­saw! A jewel – and the vil­la has a bril­liant spa­ce on the gro­und flo­or con­nec­ted with a room from whi­ch one goes stra­ight to the gar­den… oh, I’m sure, a dre­am pla­ce. Let’s ima­gi­ne, that my fur­ni­tu­re by Pro­fes­sor Jiżak, toge­ther with a por­ce­la­in col­lec­tion and some other attrac­ti­ve objects would be welco­me the­re. On con­di­tion that they’d be for sale J as the clients of the agen­cy will not leave them alo­ne when they see tho­se marvels… IMG_2007

And what? A relo­ca­tion car, three braw­ny young men, two after­no­ons of pac­king, set­ting, pho­to­gra­phing and this way we’ll put beau­ti­ful pie­ces in abnor­mal amo­unts on Paty­na, much to collector’s deli­ght that would be able to pur­cha­se a part of my col­lec­tion. And I have a free room waiting for Raj­mund Hałas II. Well, quid pro quo.

We’ve tra­vel­led to Szcze­cin almo­st imme­dia­te­ly (there’s luck in leisu­re…) and the­re met some fan­ta­stic desi­gn fre­aks: Kla­ra and Paweł – they are the parents – and Sta­szek, Fra­nek and the­ir friend Kuba, the most ener­ge­tic child trio, that has imme­dia­te­ly used the dozen or so meters of bub­ble wrap we’ve bro­ught to make: two mum­mies costu­mes (ama­zin­gly mobi­le as for mum­mies…), roof and flo­or of a shed built under the pia­no (how cute tho­se bub­bles shot whi­le jum­ped on…)
Paweł told us that the fur­ni­tu­re belon­ged to boys’ grand­pa­rents, so the third gene­ra­tion of the fami­ly used it, and took the address of my page, whe­re in the Con­tact sec­tion I’m tel­ling eve­ry­one to wri­te witho­ut doubt as I like people very much :)

So what? Reading com­pre­hen­sion and asking one question in an ema­il. What an effect! Paweł is my hero – with the title of the sel­ler of the year! He’s just ema­iled me and made an offer! I always say the sim­ple­st solu­tions are the best.

And Kla­ra served deli­cio­us cher­ries, cake and water­me­lon and litres of ama­zing tea… We’re enchan­ted by Szcze­cin. Big Euro­pe­an city with real beau­ti­ful, late Gothic and most inte­re­sting Neo­go­thic – public buil­dings blow away whi­le the newe­st inve­st­ments like the Phil­har­mo­nic Orche­stra buil­ding and the river embank­ments kill for real. We’ve par­tied all eve­ning.

The pla­ne-tree alley whe­re we strol­led the fol­lo­wing day took our bre­aths away, the sum­mer the­atre with ori­gi­nal exte­rior sculp­tu­res from the 70ties, mosa­ics on the café’s wal­ls and the Różan­ka park with beau­ti­ful, blo­oming hun­dreds of spe­cies of roses were only the back­gro­und for admi­ring the ori­gi­nal sculp­tu­re by Hasior loca­ted just like that… in the park. The Mię­dzy Wier­sza­mi café, that is led by two coun­cil­wo­men toge­ther with a book­shop (becau­se they like to read!!!) tru­ly kil­led us.IMG_2590

Szcze­cin is beau­ti­ful if only one wants to see the beau­ty – just as with the vin­ta­ge desi­gn, one has to see, not only look :)

PS. Jarek pro­te­sts that he has not been aga­in­st and wan­ted to buy Hałas :) Let me tell you, I am the master of nego­tia­tion 😀