Here you can find and buy well designed, beautiful objects that I’ve divided into three collections: 1 euro design, design classics i bbo design.

What you cho­ose ful­ly depends on you. Final­ly we’ve began to appre­cia­te rari­ties from ages past, just as the Nor­dic or Ita­lians. I want to help you find and buy them. Have fun col­lec­ting! If you can­not deci­de, a who­le col­lec­tion of my pro­ducts can be found in the. shop.


1 euro design

Demo­cra­tic desi­gn: some­thing good for eve­ry­one, that is pro­ducts ava­ila­ble at low pri­ces yet still well desi­gned. Per­fect for col­lec­tors-begin­ners and enthu­sia­sts of beau­ti­ful and sty­li­sh objects in the­ir inte­riors. To be sold on the spot. Start buil­ding your col­lec­tion!


design classics

Supre­me desi­gn: objects ack­now­led­ged by experts and the col­lec­tor mar­ket as icons of the­ir class. Excel­lent exam­ples of pro­ject thin­king, rare­ly ava­ila­ble for sale and often a gre­at loca­tion of the capi­tal. Ava­ila­ble for sale with safe deli­ve­ry.


bbo design

Desi­gn as a gift: unu­su­al sets of vin­ta­ge desi­gn cho­sen and assem­bled by Beata Bochiń­ska. A few beau­ti­ful but also fashio­na­ble objects of inte­re­sting desi­gn. With a cer­ti­fi­ca­te of authen­ti­ci­ty, always safe deli­ve­ry!

I have a dre­am. In an apart­ment, a house and a small flat in Poland and in the world, the­re are beau­ti­ful exam­ples of well-desi­gned, bygo­ne, nati­ve desi­gn! Today it is possi­ble. Final­ly!

- Beata Bochiń­ska