Beata Bochiń­ska
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When I began to write the book I only wanted to make it an approachably written and useful guide for beginners and more advanced collectors or simply all enthusiasts of design from behind the iron curtain. I wanted to indicate valuable object designed by brilliant Polish designers, so that we won’t forget about them. And today I know, I made it!

The book con­si­sts of over 100 pho­to­gra­phs, descrip­tions and use­ful infor­ma­tion for tho­se, who seek know­led­ge: what?, why? and for how much? is wor­th buy­ing not only at a flea mar­ket but in todays digi­ta­li­sed world abo­ve all in the Inter­net.

Prac­ti­cal infor­ma­tion on cre­ating your fir­st col­lec­tion or limi­ted edi­tions, mass pro­duc­tion, desi­gn icons and … for­ge­ries inter­twi­ne with infor­ma­tion abo­ut Poli­sh desi­gners and the­ir care­ers as well as sto­ries of how of many cult Poli­sh objects of the mid-cen­tu­ry-modern times behind the iron cur­ta­in were cre­ated.

The book allows you to disco­ver rari­ties and tre­asu­res in nume­ro­us cup­bo­ards, sto­ra­ge spa­ces and all other she­lves that sur­ro­und us! It is wor­th to know how many valu­able objects are alre­ady at our fin­ger­tips and how many wait at our mothers’, grand­mo­thers’ and aunts’ homes!

Col­lec­ting can be an inte­re­sting hob­by, a way to make money and work or even a sub­stan­ti­ve, high­ly pro­fi­ta­ble inve­st­ment – this book will sure­ly help you under­stand what is best for you.


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