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By  Beata Bochińska

People and things

I’ve always been regar­ded as an eccen­tric. Both at home and at work. I did not make it up, I just usu­al­ly like doing things dif­fe­ren­tly. That’s it! May­be that’s why I can see typi­cal things in a way they appe­ar to be unu­su­al. May­be that’s why appa­ren­tly ordi­na­ry people, in my eyes, seem inte­re­sting and excep­tio­nal? I do think this is an advan­ta­ge and want to sha­re this dif­fe­rent way of seeing.

For many years – stu­dy­ing Art Histo­ry and then in my pro­fes­sio­nal life - I’ve learnt to see with com­pre­hen­sion (yes, that’s no easy, just as reading com­pre­hen­sion …). That helps being open-min­ded, tole­rant duh! Hap­py, becau­se when you see with com­pre­hen­sion, you disco­ver that in fact eve­ry­one is talen­ted, it’s just that eve­ry­one has a dif­fe­rent talent. It is also easy to see the streng­ths of an ordi­na­ry thing, even tho­ugh the cho­ir of taun­ters cro­aks it’s odd, some­thing unna­tu­ral, not for us and due to that … bad.

When see with com­pre­hen­sion, you can tell the dif­fe­ren­ce betwe­en bet­ter and wor­se, becau­se you can use the asses­sment cri­te­ria! Your eye is armed. I won­der if you know, that 75% of people per­ce­ive the world by seeing, so the majo­ri­ty of us are visu­ali­zers and that’s how we asso­cia­te and memo­ri­se infor­ma­tion – so arming that sen­se with know­led­ge real­ly is of gre­ate­st impor­tan­ce.

My cho­sen and favo­uri­te topic is desi­gn, applied arts – howe­ver you want to call this phe­no­me­non. And that cho­sen desi­gn is a con­stant chan­ge, con­stant seeking for some­thing new, some­thing bet­ter. And that’s why it requ­ires being open-min­ded, kno­wing how to see and … accep­ting.

A matu­re, well-balan­ced per­son is cha­rac­te­ri­sed by the abi­li­ty to ask and the wil­lin­gness to know, the eager­ness to listen and draw conc­lu­sions. Such per­son doesn’t take offen­ce becau­se they don’t know some­thing, but gains joy from con­stant impro­ving. Becau­se it’s a gre­at ple­asu­re to know and some­ti­mes it even pays to know!

Con­se­cu­ti­ve gene­ra­tions of desi­gners seek for bet­ter solu­tions of old pro­blems and are usu­al­ly not under­sto­od at the begin­ning, the­ir pro­jects are not accep­ted at fir­st. Often they do not win the crowd in a day … humans don’t like chan­ges, it is known … we’re some­ti­mes afra­id of them and more often sim­ply don’t under­stand them. More­over, we are afra­id to ask as we might appe­ar to be une­du­ca­ted or unfa­mil­liar.. But there’s nothing to be asha­med of! I, for exam­ple can’t tre­at teeth, can’t reco­gni­se many musi­cal com­po­si­tions based on the­ir con­struc­tion, can’t dia­gno­se ill­nes­ses – there’s a lot of things I don’t under­stand and can’t do.
But I ask! And listen. And learn.

So today, on my 50th bir­th­day I am laun­ching a blog (! I said I am eccen­tric … ) – to ask questions and look for answers – for myself but also for you all. That’s my capri­ce and today I can afford it J

How inte­re­sting is this world! And you know what? The best thing is questions never end! All best for all of you and let me invi­te you to the quest for know­led­ge abo­ut good desi­gn and inte­re­sting people con­nec­ted with it.
Good com­pa­ny of people and objects is the key!

Cover pho­to by Max Zie­liń­ski