beata bochińska

Design historian, specialist of design management and product development, collector. 

Author of the metho­do­lo­gy of fore­ca­sting sty­li­stic trends using custo­mers’ sty­li­stic pro­fi­les. In this field I coope­ra­te with big­ge­st inte­rior desi­gn cha­in sto­res and pro­du­cers.
Author of seve­ral hun­dred spe­cia­li­st artic­les, reports and books dedi­ca­ted to desi­gn mana­ge­ment. Pro­du­cer and co-author of pro­grams for TV and con­tent for indu­stry por­tals.
Lec­tu­rer of Desi­gn Cri­ti­ci­sm at the Uni­ver­si­ty of War­saw and New Pro­duct Deve­lop­ment Mana­ge­ment at SGH War­saw Scho­ol of Eco­no­mics. Con­ducts dedi­ca­ted work­shops for com­pa­nies abo­ut cre­ating busi­ness advan­ta­ges based on using desi­gn and tra­inings for col­lec­tors and enthu­sia­sts of desi­gn.
Juror at glo­bal servi­ce desi­gning comep­ti­tions (New York, Syd­ney, Cairo, War­saw) in the fields of: desi­gn, digi­tal media and softwa­re desi­gn.

Rec­kless lec­tu­rer. Her pre­sen­ta­tions are haun­ting and tru­ly put you into action.” – post­gra­du­ate stu­dent –Desi­gn Mana­ge­ment

Her work­shops gave me more than the who­le stu­dies. She moti­va­tes and unwinds. Gene­ro­usly sha­res her know­led­ge” – work­shop par­ti­ci­pant – Trends for pro­fes­sio­nals

bbo’s favo­uri­te mot­to is an old, Chi­ne­se pro­verb that she reminds her­self of often: „you won’t cook rice by tal­king!”
Mother to four cre­ati­ve chil­dren, a wife to a part­ner of splen­did sen­si­ti­vi­ty and intel­lect.
Very fle­xi­ble and effec­ti­ve nego­tia­tor. Likes “desi­gn fre­aks” very much. 

fot. Mag­da­le­na Wol­na